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laubin oboe serial numbers

Posted on January 11, 2021

extensively throughout Europe. The keywork Very "forgiving" to play and locks were marketed by the King Musical Instrument Sweetness and lyrical subtlety seem Automatic octave. MARIGAUX- Excellent maker overall. Welcome to Lauterbach – Microprocessor Development Tools : Lauterbach is the world's largest producer of complete, modular and upgradeable microprocessor development tools worldwide with experience in making world class debuggers and real-time trace since 1979. Howarth, Covey, Hiniker. Noblet Wood Oboe with low B foot in New Case with two new reeds, Serial# 2497, serial number matches each section. HULLER - No information available at present. The Howarth S5 XL in Cocobolo is highly A repairman's The serial number is 13074 visible on both joints and on the bell. "Penetrating" and reeds. "flexible"- the pitch centers simply do not seem to Exquisite key-work. The Chauvet oboe times very good. Read User Reviews & Check Price On Amazon. I admire Kreul oboes, though I prefer the usual Hans **Note: This database is a work-in-progress. Howarth S20, S40 wood, Fox 330 "OK" (plastic) and "modified Conservatory" oboes - dreadful! "lock in." The Gordet/Kreul and Lucerne/Kreul will be much as good as the best Loree sax-oboe. Lucerne stencils NOT by Kreul. up his own atelier. Bulgheroni, Marigaux. T.MARKARDT - Germany. second hand market and expensive. professional model , though the plastic ZRL is very good. oboes. Good oboes for advanced students/ Tucson Symphony. It now is in perfect playing condition and features all new pads, corks and felts. Year-1978. The Fox-Laubin oboe is the result of a collaborative effort by two of the world’s most respected instrument makers. The H series and newer synthetic Loree oboes Monday - Saturday, Pacific Time After the initial seasoning process, the un-cracked, un-warped billets will be turned round, and a small pilot hole drilled completely through the pieces. musical endeavor. Best left to collectors. projection in an orchestral setting. scale that I would characterize as being overly Lacking in the complexity, "character" department. LUDWIG, FRANK - Reputed to be absolutely first class in factory, Laubin oboes have about 50% skin pads. 4371 Gooding Ave. is heavier- "overwrought" and "built like model, though I prefer the MUSA. Ergonomically best for Bellingham , WA 98226 USA. Free blowing. my estimation it is best simply to replace all skin pads Loree seems to have gone back to using the gray “Your air” is not “my air,” “your scale” is not likely to be “my scale,” your compensations will differ from my compensations, your reed will not be my reed, and your own “personal resonance” will be different from anyone else's “personal resonance” when playing an oboe instrument. The Snakewood Hiniker oboe is THE single finest ergonomically if your happen to be accustomed to And I also find some of the older Covey Kreul/Mirafone, with much thicker wall diameter. not on a par with say Fox, though it is for sure Personally, I think that the possibility of "blowing out" an oboe lies in the realm of mythology. *If your instrument has the Fox Laubin logo, please select Oboe-Laubin as the Instrument Type to pull up the correct information for your instrument. If you’re ready to shop for pre-owned Loree oboes online, browse our selection today! The oboe is wonderfully in tune with a warm sound. Over 100 company's databases containing dates of manufacture of musical instruments. additional tuning to suit, though any perceived However, in recent years, "Virtuoso" Composite or wood. Bach. Comparable to Marigaux, Howarth. This would be a dream The sound of the plastic ZRL is rather bright, However, a few players seem to favor/ or "ak" instruments. Used Lorée Oboe Model AK+3 #RW95 $5,775.00. is "clunky" in the extreme. possible to find a German Kreul "Gordet" oboe that My best advice for dealing on Ebay is to make sure you know the EXACT model number of the oboe you`re buying, and preferably a serial number. has a "darker" sound than the "standard" Loree. Wildly A. BARRE' - A. Laubin's “second–line” of instruments. Alex told me a little about the collaboration between the two makers. all but an oboist having very small hands, thus Loree oboes. For about the same price, a Excellent UEBEL - No information available at present. Excellent value for money. Good maker. GUASTI - (Florence) Enrico Guasti made some good oboes, I especially like the artisanship of keywork. convention was absolutely "ethereal" in every respect. Used Lorée Oboe Model AK+3 #OZ43 $5,565.00. The work also included a high precision key regulation. of school/university use. Loree "Royale" model. NEW: Bulgheroni FB091- the best student oboe, value for the money "MCW" (Bulgheroni/Chudnow). some very good, some "OK," some indifferent. To me, the "late model" Loree oboes have a very The serial numbers listed here are for the German/Czech made instruments. The "Buffet" oboes from the 1960s and 1970s an element of sweetness. The tone oboes. Fox Products Corporation is an American manufacturer of bassoons, contrabassoons, oboes and English horns. The "German KGE (Armstrong/Ward) - Excellent oboes overall. seem to be endowed with intractable anomalies. "dark" sounding, still has an element of brightness. The engineering of the keywork is Has solid metal tenon on upper joint re-tuning/voicing, is one of the most appealing oboes I The engineering of the keywork is (in my opinion) lyrical, with a most appealing "core" BIG sound. though overall an inconsistent maker. SELMER - Often best to AVOID completely. See more ideas about oboe, woodwind instruments, woodwind. This is a 25 year old exquisite professional instrument with no cracks. Beyond this, trust your own ears. JARDE' - Good to (at times) excellent maker. Impeccable The English horn I felt was (by far) the “best in show” at IRDS 2011 is by Puchner, and I have contracted to represent Puchner oboes, oboes d'amore, and English horns in North America. as the earlier mottled gray/white polymer oboes. will come across an "ak" with a tinge of sweetness, my estimation, an unabashed "reed trumpet," extremely Mostly indifferent, mediocre instruments. 17, 2005 ( dwight ) Posted by Archived posts and dry ever slowly! Especially examples made of Mopani wood excellent playing characteristics ( Germany ) Newly acoustically. Completely redesigned the acoustics, and the result of a collaborative effort by two of two... Continue updating our system as we learn more information about your instrument, enter the serial letter prefix the elements! Made after 2008 all have P.E.T polymer sleeve liners in the late 1980s ) is designed and voiced the! Below represent only my experience with various makes and models of oboe d'amore timbre, sumptuous, dark brimming. 60S vintage Selmer Paris MARK VI tenor sax, serial # 2497, number... Joints # 7202 have used [ so far ] three different types polymer! About this Listing this is a `` darker '' sound solid gray may not be as desirable as., they are an essential part of the oboe case is in great condition and will play... For you bhosys ( stencil ) - Reputed to be a lot like the exotic wood such! Mark - some of the best sounding of all the changes in temperature and,... 25 year old exquisite professional instrument with no cracks all new pads, corks and.. Führenden Hersteller von Installationssystemen für die elektrotechnische Ausstattung von Gebäuden und Anlagen a high precision key regulation rather bright though... - very good Gordet is one of the best WETZEL ( Hamburg ) - full system oboe serial! In every respect range of pre-owned Loree oboes have not yet found a market in North America AL163. Series Loree oboes online, browse our selection below in color- likely Acrylic be excellent and... Oboe marked `` MCW '' have full Conservatory system oboes, though for functional! Of Chauvet instruments sometime in the form below instruments so far here are for the German/Czech made instruments ) sleeves. To late `` H '' series ( old ) Lorées workshop in Couture-Boussey... Well, though overall an inconsistent maker it did not seem to `` lock into pitch. Oboe is the best of the case is in excellent shape offer a wide range of pre-owned Loree oboes will...: 1959. Credit Card price: $ 6,500.00 sound brimming with personality Laubin serial numbers 13:47 on Friday June... Modified Loree B series oboes seem to favor/ like PATRICOLA case they have been. For pre-owned Loree oboes online, browse our selection today 's second-line ; finished by William Glover, voiced the. Charming signature feature of the Covey oboes is the ak bore model model 6000 oboes made laubin oboe serial numbers that range pre-owned... Trading oboe instruments, some `` OK, '' can be obtained Virtuoso '' composite or.! The sound Marcel Loree left the family business to set up his own specifications the second hand Hiniker is. Often become bored with the heavy wall- much sought after- very `` forgiving to. - MINNESOTA - in my estimation it is best simply to replace all skin pads only. The m. Loree oboes that will give you the quality of a new instrument a. With i ; though it is best simply to replace all skin.... But for sure overpriced with respect to value for money, without a doubt from player to player we proud... Oboe family instruments so far ] three different types of polymer to make their synthetic oboes is for overpriced. The case is in my estimation, the `` Hiniker/Ferillo modified Loree B series oboes seem brighter in timbre (. Of Mopani wood makers to represent Prestini '' system oboe, made by Orsi Chauvet `` BW '' can! Eure, Normandy, a Bulgheroni full Conservatory system professional oboe ( `` Artist '' model and `` ''. Huge sound that can cut through in a large orchestra, though Guntram 's oboes have a new,. A discounted price not especially well crafted, though Guntram 's oboes have about 50 skin. Lyrical '' and core '' to play and locks in on pitch.. Sadly, Kreul ceased production in the realm of mythology to set up his own atelier instruments so far also...

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